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The saddest deaths in Attack on Titan, ranked by the 15 characters who perished.

Attack on Titan is a timeless favorite and one of the most beloved Shonen series in the Anime World, with 86 episodes and 139 manga chapters.

The beloved anime is well-known for its unique plot and brutal death scenes. However, only some deaths have affected fans so profoundly that they are still grieving over them.

This article will discuss the characters with the most tragic deaths in the AOT universe.

15. Hange Zoe

Hange ZoeHange Zoe

Hange Zoe, the 14th Commander of the Survey Corps, perishes in chapter 132 of the Attack on Titan Manga.

During the Rumbling, Hange acted as a sacrifice to allow the Survey Corps to escape.

The heat from the Colossal Titans marching burned them to a crisp, resulting in their death.

Hange’s passing was heartbreaking for fans as she was one of the series’ most adored characters.

As Hange reunited with the former soldiers from their squad in the afterlife, the scene became tear-jerking for fans.

In addition, most fans were prepared for her demise, but it still broke their hearts knowing they won’t be able to see her eccentric personality in the show anymore.

However, Hange will be remembered for her big sacrifice for her fellow soldiers.

14. Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church

Isabel Magnolia and Furlan ChurchIsabel Magnolia and Furlan Church

Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church, members of the Scout Regiment, perish in the 5th OVA episode of the AOT anime.

In the episode, an abnormal Titan attacks Isabel and Furlan, viciously killing both of them.

Isabel and Furlan’s demise deeply impacted both Levi and the AOT fans.

Both of them were pretty close with Levi, and his reaction upon witnessing their death crushed fans. Levi looked destroyed and heartbroken.

What’s more, the two characters didn’t get much screen time but still managed to have such a lasting impact on fans.

13. Faye Yeager

Faye YeagerFaye Yeager

Faye Yeager, the sister of Grisha Yeager, perishes in Chapter 86 of the Attack on Titan Manga.

The poor girl was forcefully taken away by Marleyan Soldiers, who fed her to the dogs.

Faye’s demise was incredibly tragic and traumatizing, evoking tears from fans all over the world.

She made an innocent mistake, and for that, she had to face terrible consequences.

Just the thought of a child or even a human being treated in this way is enough to cause anyone unimaginable pain.

Moreover, the tragic end, combined with Grisha’s pain-filled reaction, made her death all the more unbearable.

12. Porco Galliard

Porco GalliardPorco Galliard

Porco Galliard, a Marleyan Warrior and the former wielder of the Jaw Titan, takes his last breath in episode 19 of season 4 of the AOT anime.

In the episode, Porco is badly injured by Eren to the point that he is unable to heal himself.

Afterward, Falco turns into a Titan, who consumes Porco, ultimately ending his life and becoming the next Jaw Titan.

Porco is one of the very few Warriors that is incredibly admired by fans, thereby making his death sad.

He could’ve easily survived, but he decided to sacrifice himself after seeing his brother’s memory.

Moreover, Porco smiled as he was dying, realizing that he was sacrificing himself for a man like Reiner, whom he despised.

What’s more, most fans believe that he died an honorable yet painful death.

11. Carla Yeager

Carla Yeager, the mother of Eren Yeager, perishes in the very first episode of the Attack on Titan series.

During Wall Maria’s invasion, the Smiling Titan enters the Shiganshina District and consumes Carla, resulting in her death.

Carla Yeager’s death was traumatic and sad for many AOT fans due to its impact on Eren and how it occurred.

Eren is only ten years old when he witnesses his mother’s death.

Moreover, Carla’s death is unimaginably terrifying and gruesome, not just for a child like Eren, but also for all the AOT fans.

She could have survived, but she chose to die so that Eren and Mikasa could be safe, making her death very sad and tragic.

10. Petra Ral

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