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Prison School Season 2 Launch Date & All the Details!

Prison School season 2 is one of the most anticipated seasons, as otakus around the world have been eagerly awaiting another season of this amusingly risqué anime. In this article, we discuss everything we know about the status of the second season of Prison School anime, whether it’s canceled or renewed!

Several years ago, Prison School took the internet by storm, as it was one of the first anime series to truly impress people with its wild edgy comedy and crazy shenanigans, filled with a lot of risqué scenes that people gravitated towards.

Viewing Prison School is like a rollercoaster of emotions, humorous and spicy moments, and some pretty good animation, even by modern standards!

Since its original release in July 2015, fans have been clamoring for more. They either want another season or some form of continuation. Despite the insane popularity of the series almost a decade ago, nothing has been done with Prison School after its first season. There is no announcement for another season, no film, and no real use of the property at all in the anime space.

However, something could be brewing behind the scenes in the Japanese anime industry, so let’s discuss everything we know about a potential second season of Prison School, what studio would be working on it if it was ever announced, and what we can expect in terms of the story!

prison school season 2 release dateprison school season 2 release date

Is There an Imprisonment School Season 2?

The first season of Prison School back in 2015 really struck a chord with many anime fans all around the world. Whether it was because of its wild story and concept, humorous moments, or risqué scenes, it became quite beloved everywhere.

Upon its original release, the series had a significant impact on the anime industry, creating a dedicated fan base overnight. The positive reception of the series surely meant that another season would be announced not long after, right?

Well, that’s what is so weird about Prison School anime, as no new season was announced after the first season had concluded!

The anime’s success was evident not only in the online discourse it had created but also in its external DVD and Blu-ray sales that went alongside it. With this in mind, it’s even crazier that another season wasn’t announced.

The show had a huge and dedicated fan base, enthusiastic support from all corners of the globe, and proof that it had done that well in the first place. Sadly, though, season two was never announced, meaning there is no release date to talk about.

But the question is, will there ever be a Prison School season 2?

There is no correct answer to this question because it’s been almost 8 years since the first season concluded, and no announcements have been made about its renewal. But a fan can hope, right? We hope another season will soon be announced, especially when enough source material is available!

will there be a prison school season 2will there be a prison school season 2

Prison School Anime Plot and Season 2 Expectations

Though another season of Prison School hasn’t been announced, that doesn’t mean there’s no possibility of a renewal in the future. There is more than enough material for another season to cover, as the manga has many arcs left.

Season one covered the initial story from the manga. The plot revolves around Hachimitsu Private Academy, an extremely revered and elite boarding school that was once female-only.

The Academy is on the outskirts of Tokyo but is undergoing new policy revisions, forcing them to take on five male students. On their first day, the boys are completely overwhelmed by the gorgeous women on campus. But instead of talking to the girls, they decide to peek into the women’s bath!

As luck would have it, they are caught, and they soon come face-to-face with the Shadow Student Council, who throw them in prison inside the school, where they have to atone for their misdeeds.

Season 1 adapted the first nine volumes of the manga, meaning there is more than enough content to produce another season and possibly a movie.

Prison School has so much untapped potential due to the series only having one season. Season two could be able to delve deeper into the narrative threads of the manga and offer an even more intensive look into the world of Prison School.

There are 28 volumes of the manga, and the anime only covered the first 9, meaning there are a myriad of amazing stories in this series left to cover.

We won’t be spoiling what goes on later in the manga, but let’s just say that a possible season two would be crazier than season 1 and might break the internet with its insane moments!

when does prison school season 2 come outwhen does prison school season 2 come out

Prison School Season 2 – Cast and Crew Details

Though some of the biggest anime producers in the industry seem to take on all that workload on their own, most of the time, some aspects are outsourced to other companies. Prison School was no different in that fact, meaning multiple producers worked on the iconic first season.

With a possible season 2, it’s safe to assume that most of the original producers would be able to return, but not all. Some might have gone out of business or been working on other things.

The first season was initially brought to life by the amazing J.C. Staff, a well-renowned studio known for its insane versatility in anime production. They are known for also dealing with a variety of genres, something Prison School covers quite nicely.

With that in mind, everything hinges on when J.C. Staff can fit another season of Prison School into their schedule or want to work on it at all. Another studio could take the helm from this studio and make Prison School season 2 into their own. This was recently seen with MAPPA taking on Attack on Titan for its final few seasons to make that last set of story arcs as good as possible.

Hopefully, the original studio can work on Prison School Season 2 if it ever happens, but if not, let’s hope another well-known and renowned studio takes on the reins and makes something special!

Regarding the cast, we can assume the original voice actors will return for their roles. Unless something else comes up, or they don’t want to work on it anymore, the original voice actors should reprise their roles, which will be amazing!

But as there is no confirmation of the second season’s renewal, we can’t say much regarding the cast and crew that will work on it!

is prison school season 2 canceled or renewedis prison school season 2 canceled or renewed

Is Prison School Manga Finished?

The Prison School manga has been over for a good few years now, with its final manga volume released in 2019.

The first chapter of this risqué manga series came out on February 7, 2011, and the first manga volume was released on June 6, 2011.

The series had a good run, as it consisted of a total of 277 chapters, which is quite a good number. All these chapters were compiled into 28 tankōbon volumes, with the last volume released on April 6, 2018.

This means that not only is there a lot of content left to cover in a possible season 2, but they can work towards finishing the series rather than waiting for the manga to be over.


While the future of Prison School season 2 might be in the air right now, this uncertainty makes the fanbase crave another season even more. They know that more content is out there but have been waiting for a great anime adaptation to tell that story to them.

Although another season of Prison School hasn’t been announced yet, there’s always a chance that people are working on bringing it back on our screens. If that’s the case, otakus around the world would be super happy!

Fans eagerly await more content from Prison School, and as the years go by, their thirst only grows. The prospect of returning to this crazy world remains super exciting and hopeful amongst its online discourse and various communities.

The future remains completely uncertain when it comes to more Prison School content. Still, the series itself has proven that it can push past various boundaries and leave fans eagerly awaiting more from this crazy and entertaining series!

So, when there’s some solid news regarding Prison School season 2’s release date or any related announcements, we’ll update this article immediately!

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