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Is Satoru Gojo able to break free from the Prison Realm in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Satoru Gojo is the person, the fable, and the icon! What can I tell you about him that you already don’t know?

Perhaps some manga spoilers? Just kidding.

I won’t be spoiling anything outside the essential to answer your questions regarding Gojo’s escape from the Prison Realm. So, carry on reading while keeping that in mind.

It’s indisputable that Satoru Gojo is the face of Jujutsu Kaisen as well as the bastion of the sorcerer world. It was his presence that kept the evils hiding in the shadows. It didn’t matter how formidable the curse users were; they couldn’t be stronger than the strongest sorcerer alive.

Only one man knew how to deal with Satoru Gojo, and that was Pseudo-Geto. To realize his plans, Pseudo-Geto knew Gojo would be the biggest obstacle, who could stop his plans without even dropping a sweat. So, he devised a plan to seal Gojo using the Prison Realm.

He shook hands with special-grade cursed spirits like Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon, led by Mahito. Their goals weren’t the same, but their obstacle was the same – Satoru Gojo. And their plan came to fruition in Shibuya, where they sealed him for good.

does satoru gojo escape prison realmdoes satoru gojo escape prison realm

But the question remains.

Did Satoru Gojo break out from the Prison Realm?

Yes, he did. Satoru Gojo does break out of the Prison Realm in JJK Chapter 221 of the Culling Game Arc with the help of a sorceress named Hana Kurusu.

You might ask, who is Hana Kurusu? How did she open a special-grade cursed object that not even Gojo could open? How did the young sorcerers find out about the existence of Hana Kurusu?

To answer all these questions, I have written this article detailing how Gojo got sealed inside the Prison Realm and how he managed to break free from the Prison Realm.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How Does Satoru Gojo Get Sealed in the Prison Realm?

To seal someone as strong as Satoru Gojo isn’t a cakewalk. And, Pseudo-Geto knew that. That is why the mastermind has been planning Gojo’s sealing since the beginning of the story.

To succeed, Pseudo-Geto played his final card on October 31, 2018. Pseudo-Geto trapped the civilians in Shibuya inside the curtain to summon Satoru Gojo.

Knowing very well that it’s a trap to lure him in, Satoru Gojo appears and quickly makes his way to the origin of the curtain, where he meets some known faces. Among the ones welcoming were Jogo, Hanami, and Choso, who provoked him from the get-go.

satoru gojo vs. jogo, hanami & chososatoru gojo vs. jogo, hanami & choso

The confidence from the cursed spirits wasn’t a bluff. They planned every minute detail, including how to stop Gojo from using “Blue” and his domain, Unlimited Void. The mastermind used the helpless civilians to put a lease on Gojo’s powers. Jogo and Hanami go on the offensive while Choso assists them from afar.

Jogo and Hanami attack Gojo and almost hit him by using Domain Amplification. Gojo dodges the attack and assesses the situation. Then he takes off his blindfold and goes on the offensive. Gojo tricks Hanami into deactivating his Domain Amplificaton. And Gojo exorcises him right away.

Jogo tries to blend in the crowd and asks Choso for help. Amidst this chaos, Pseudo-Geto is enjoying the fight from outside as a spectator. He says it is too early to open the Prison Realm. Satoru Gojo needs to be pushed further to the edge.

Soon, Mahito joins the battle by unleashing countless transfigured humans among the civilians. Jogo, Choso, and Mahito attack together, but seeing the civilians die left and right, Gojo loses it and decides to sacrifice the lives of some civilians in exchange for exorcising the cursed spirits.

Gojo casts the Unlimited Void for 0.2 seconds. While everyone, including the special-grade cursed spirits, stood unconscious due to the domain, Gojo killed all the transfigured humans within 299 seconds. Right after Gojo deactivates his domain, Pseudo-Geto opens the Prison Realm!

pseudo-geto opens prison realmpseudo-geto opens prison realm

There’s one condition to seal someone inside the Prison Realm. The target should be within a four-meter radius of the special-grade cursed object for one minute after the caster chants “Gate Open.”

We all know that to keep Gojo within the radius for a minute is certain death for the one trying to do so. The mastermind has a plan for that as well. He used his best friend Geto’s body as an emotional weapon to render Gojo immobile.

And that happens when Gojo sees his late friend Suguru Geto walk up to him. Three years of memories flood into Gojo’s brain. He starts contemplating if the one in front is really his friend Geto, whom he killed a year ago. Before he could come to a conclusion, one minute had passed inside Gojo’s brain, and the conditions were met. The Prison Realm captured Gojo and drained every bit of cursed energy.

Finally, after capturing Gojo, Pseudo-Geto reveals his true self as an imposter and explains how he took over his late friend’s body before chanting Gate Close to complete the sealing.

However, Pseudo-Geto couldn’t move the Prison Realm for a while as it took the special-grade cursed object a long time to process a target as strong as Satoru Gojo.

Satoru Gojo gets sealed in Chapter 91 of Jujutsu Kaisen manga. While in anime, Gojo gets sealed in Episode 10 of JJK Season 2.

satoru gojo gets sealed in the prison realmsatoru gojo gets sealed in the prison realm

How Does Satoru Gojo Escape the Prison Realm?

Satoru Gojo’s escape from the Prison Realm is no less than a wonder. It is due to his students’ effort, who risked their lives to get their sensei out of the Prison Realm.

After a couple of incidents past the Shibuya Incident arc, Yuji, Megumi, Yuta, Yuki Tsukumo, Maki, and Choso visit Master Tengen to get information on how to open the Prison Realm. Tengen shows them the Back Gate of the Prison Realm, where Gojo is at the moment.

Master Tengen says that only the bearer of the Front Gate, Pseudo-Geto (Kenjaku), can open the Prison Realm. As that’s highly unlikely, he mentions a way to free Satoru Gojo from the special-grade cursed object.

They have to use the special-grade cursed tool, “Inverted Spear of Heaven,” or the cursed tool named “Black Rope” to force open the Prison Realm, as they can nullify and cancel any cursed techniques.

Unfortunately, Gojo has either sealed or destroyed both the Inverted Spear of Heaven and Black Rope following his fight with Toji Fushiguro and Miguel.

Hearing that, Tengen suggests finding the culling game player, named Angel, who possesses the cursed technique to extinguish any cursed technique. She is the only hope of freeing Satoru Gojo.

Much later, during the Culling Game, Yuji and Megumi discover that the player they are looking for is actually a sorceress named Hana Kurusu. Angel is a Heian-era sorcerer who has incarnated within Hana’s body.

After a meaningful conversation, Angel puts one condition in exchange for helping them remove the seal on the Prison Realm. The condition is that they must help Angel kill “The Fallen/The Disgraced One,” which turns out to be Sukuna.

But the process gets delayed when Sukuna takes over Yuji’s body and makes Megumi into his vessel. While doing that, the King of Curses severely injures Hana. So, after recovering from the injuries, Hana uses “Jacob’s Ladder,” her cursed technique, on the Back Gate of the Prison Realm to free Satoru Gojo. However, a few obstacles awaited the strongest sorcerer.

how did satoru gojo escape the prison realmhow did satoru gojo escape the prison realm

Knowing very well about the presence of the Back Gate from absorbing Tengen, Pseudo-Geto (Kenjaku) put cursed spirits inside the seal of the Front Gate of the Prison Realm. Kenjaku placed the cursed object 8000 meters deep in the subduction zone of the Japan Trench underwater to kill Gojo even if he escaped.

But we are talking about Satoru Gojo here; he catwalks out of the Prison Realm.

When Does Satoru Gojo Gets Unsealed?

Satoru Gojo gets unsealed in Chapter 221 of Jujutsu Kaisen, the last chapter of the Culling Game Arc.

You might ask, when will Gojo get unsealed in the anime?

To answer that, here’s a breakdown to

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