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Explaining Tokyo Ghoul’s CCG Ranking System and Rankings of Characters

The CCGs are present to protect humanity in a world where flesh-eating ghouls reside among the human population.

The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) is a federal agency assigned to investigating and resolving ghouls-related crimes.

To join the CCG, candidates must have completed training at a Ghoul Investigator Training Academy or Ghoul Countermeasures Training Center.

Comparable to a military force, the CCG has a well-defined ranking system that defines an investigator’s authority and skill level.

Graduates from the academy begin as level three investigators and progress through the ranks to become special-class investigators.

Provided here is an outline of the Commission of Counter Ghoul Ranking System.

Explaining the CCG Ranking System

Tokyo ghoul CCG logoTokyo ghoul CCG logo

The CCG is divided into two primary divisions: The Ghoul investigator and the Bureau investigator.

The Ghoul Investigators are specialized experts responsible for tracking down, containing, and eradicating ghouls to safeguard the civilians of Japan. They are commonly referred to as Doves by the ghouls.

Under typical circumstances, only Academy graduates are eligible to become ghoul investigators and start as Rank 2 Investigators.

However, infrequent exceptions exist where the officer begins as a Rank 3 Investigator.

Then there are the Bureau Investigators who work at the CCG’s offices and primarily handle paperwork.

They only join the front lines in dire situations as support for the ghoul investigators.

The Bureau Investigators are trained at the Ghoul Countermeasures Training Center.

After completing training, they are assigned to a branch office in one of Tokyo’s wards and begin their career as Rank 3 investigators.

The ranking system primarily affects Ghoul Investigators, as Bureau Investigators seldom rise above rank 3.

Rank impacts various aspects of an investigator’s career, including their level of responsibility, access to hazardous missions and targets, salary, and more.

The investigator rank is divided into two separate categories: The senior and junior Investigator.

As the name suggests, the senior investigators are highly experienced officers.

While Junior investigators are subordinates who are still in the training phase. They excel in some areas but are limited in taking on certain missions and targets.

Senior investigators’ rank begins at first class through the special class. In contrast, junior investigators start at ranks 3 through 1.

Sequence of CCG Investigator Ranks

Provided below is a list of investigator ranks from lowest to highest.

  1. Rank 3
  2. Rank 2 (Third Class)
  3. Rank 1 (Second Class)
  4. First class
  5. Associate Special Class
  6. Special Class

6. Rank 3

Ippei KusabaIppei Kusaba
Ippei Kusaba

This rank is mainly occupied by Bureau investigators. They begin their career and hardly ever rise beyond this rank.

They spend their days at the CCG’s offices mainly handling paperwork for the agency and only join the front line in dire situations as support for the ghoul investigators.

Ghoul investigators who start their career at rank 3 are deemed “exceptional cases,” assigned without formal training at the academy.

5. Rank 2 (Third Class)

Saiko Yonebayashi with her hammer of justiceSaiko Yonebayashi with her hammer of justice
Saiko Yonebayashi with her hammer of justice

Ghoul investigators typically begin their career at rank 2 after graduating from the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy.

They are relatively new to the force and are often partnered with a senior investigator.

These investigators must gain strength, accumulate experience, and achieve various impressive feats to qualify for a promotion.

4. Rank 1 (Second Class)

Kichimura WashuuKichimura Washuu
Kichimura Washuu

This is the highest rank assigned to a junior investigator. They are usually officers with experience but not yet at the pinnacle of their careers.

Rank 1 investigators still have a long way to progress and become senior investigators of the special class. They can’t even take on an A-rated Ghoul.

On average, rank 1 investigators are usually around twenty-seven years old when assigned this rank.

3. First class

Nobu Shimoguchi

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