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Spy x Family Season 2 is set to hit screens soon! Here’s everything we’ve gathered so far.

The second season of Spy x Family is officially confirmed, and we won’t have to wait long before seeing our adored characters back in action. The declaration was made even before the initial season concluded, demonstrating the series’ global popularity!

Unlike typical mystery thrillers featuring either violence or horror, Spy x Family is a slice-of-life anime with amusing action and a dash of romance.

However, such thematic combinations are extremely rare among spy stories. So, it’s no surprise that Spy x Family gained widespread acclaim, breaking all audience records.

So far, the series has earned at minimum 17 awards from a total of 24 nominations since its introduction as a manga by Tatsuya Endo in March 2019. It has also been named the “Anime of the Year” as Spy x Family remains the most-watched anime of 2022.

The appeal for Spy x Family season 2 commenced in the initial week of November, even though the first season finale was yet to premiere on December 24, 2022.

when does spy x family season 2 come outwhen does spy x family season 2 come out

It appears that CloverWorks and Wit Studio were keeping up with these developments as they brought an early Christmas gift for their admirers by affirming a sequel just one week before the series concluded.

What is Spy x Family Season 2 Release Date?

On December 18, 2022, the Spy x Family team participated in Jump Festa 2023, where mangaka Tatsuya Endo confirmed not only the production of Spy x Family season 2 but also an original spin-off Spy x Family film.

The second season of Spy x Family will start airing on October 7, 2023, whereas “Spy x Family Movie, Code: White” will premiere on December 22, 2023!

Subsequently, a special video teaser commemorating confirmation of both Spy x Family season 2 and the original movie release in 2023 was issued by the TOHO Animation Youtube channel on December 24, 2022.

The second season will be released first, followed by the movie just before Christmas. The movie features an original story and does not adapt any content from the manga series. However, we have yet to learn if the second season of Spy x Family will have one cour or two cours!

Spy x Family season 1 was announced in November 2021 but aired as a split-cour consisting of 25 episodes. The first part, with 12 episodes, screened from April to June 2022, while the second part, with 13 episodes, premiered from October to December 2022.

Season 2 is also anticipated to be a split-cour, with Part 1 coming out in Fall 2023, and Part 2 planned for release in 2024, with the movie launching between the two cours.

spy x family season 2spy x family season 2

However, neither Director Kazuhiro Furuhashi nor writer Tatsuya Endo has released any statements about this.

CloveWorks and Wit Studio will continue collaborating for animation production of Spy x Family. It also seems that previous staff and cast members will reprise their roles as the voice actors appeared on the stage during Jump Festa 2023 to announce Season 2 and the Movie.

How Did Spy x Family Season 1 End?

The story of Spy x Family is set in an era when Ostania and Westalis – the two rival nations – are striving to achieve peace. Nevertheless, a minor action from the chairman of Ostania’s National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond, can jeopardize the delicate ceasefire.

But investigating Donovan isn’t simple since he remains exclusive to the upper crust.

So, Westalis Intelligence Services’ Eastern-Focused Division, aka WISE, comes up with “Operation Strix,” a plan to establish contact with Donovan by sending a child to attend the distinguished Eden Academy and befriend Donovan’s son, Damian Desmond.

WISE entrusts this task to their finest agent, Twilight, who poses as a psychiatrist by the name of “Loid Forger” and adopts an orphan named “Anya Forger.” He also enters into a contract marriage with Yor Briar to avert suspicion.

Despite being a spy, Loid is unaware that his daughter is a telepath and his wife is an infamous assassin known as the “Thorn Princess.” Taking an odd turn, the dog adopted by the Forgers later in the series is also a mutant with the ability to see the future.

spy x family season 2 plot & trailerspy x family season 2 plot & trailer

The entire series takes on an absurdly comical angle as peace hinges on Anya’s bonding with Damian, whom she slaps on her first day at the Eden Academy. This results in her first Tonitrus bolt, earning eight of which can lead to her expulsion.

Now, Anya must earn 8 Stella Stars to become an Imperial Scholar, thereby securing her parents’ attendance rights at exclusive Eden Academy meetings that Donovan always attends.

As each of the Forgers strives to portray a flawless family, they end up experiencing genuine emotions. Unbeknownst to them, they function even better than real families.

In the Spy x Family season 1 finale, Loid finally makes his initial contact with Donovan when he stands up for Damian’s feelings. He must have left quite an impression as Donovan commends his child for the very first time.

So, in Spy x Family season 2, we can expect much more action as Loid is likely to make further progress on Operation Strix. There is also a possibility of budding romance between Loid and Yor, given that they have spent at least two dates together, and their professions make them ideal partners.

There are also hints of romance as Yor becomes deeply concerned when Loid spends time with Fiona Frost, another secret agent known as “Nightfall.”

That being said, Anya will remain the character who reveals the deep secrets of people to all of us. But we might also see a sweet, innocent love story as Damian starts to develop a fondness for her.

how many episodes will be spy x family season 2how many episodes will be spy x family season 2

How Many Episodes Will Be There in Spy x Family Season 2?

Spy x Family is an ongoing manga with at least 10 compiled volumes. However, season 1 featured 25 episodes adapted from 37 chapters, covering up to manga volume 6.

Since Spy x Family Movie is an original film, it will only feature the series’ main characters and won’t use materials from the manga chapters.

Consequently, if Cloverworks and Wit Studio were to maintain similar patterns from the preceding season, then we can anticipate that Spy x Family season 2 will likely be a split-cour season, consisting of 24-26 episodes and covering manga volumes 6-11.

This means that season 2 will also adapt the upcoming manga volume 11 of the Spy x Family manga series, encompassing already released chapters 67-73. If this indeed happens, the anime will catch up with the manga by the conclusion of season 2.

Therefore, if there is ever a Spy x Family season 3, it will probably be released in 2025 or later.

Aside from the manga, Spy x Family also has at least four light novel short stories penned by Aya Yajima in July 2021. They are quite enjoyable to read, but it appears that they will not be incorporated in the primary anime.

will spy x family season 2 be on crunchyroll, netflix, huluwill spy x family season 2 be on crunchyroll, netflix, hulu

FAQs About Spy x Family Season 2:

Will Spy x Family Season 2 Be On Crunchyroll?

Most certainly, yes.

Both Muse Communication and Crunchyroll have licensed the Spy x Family series. Nevertheless, Muse Communication will stream only in Southeast Asian countries, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Conversely, Crunchyroll will stream Spy x Family season 2 to the rest of the world.

Due to Sony’s acquisition of Funimation, which later merged into Crunchyroll, Crunchyroll was solely responsible for the dubbing of Spy x Family season 1. In fact, Crunchyroll presented the first preview of the English dub on April 15, 2022, through its Twitch channel. Hence, it appears that Crunchyroll will also be accountable for the English dub of Spy x Family season 2.

Will Spy x Family Season 2 Be On Netflix?

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