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Who perishes in the Shibuya Incident story in Jujutsu Kaisen?

The Shibuya Incident segment in Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the finest story arcs in the realm of anime. If I had to pick one word to explain what you should anticipate from it, then “Demise” is a word that thoroughly encapsulates the Shibuya Incident Segment of Jujutsu Kaisen. This specific arc is perhaps the most crucial in the tale of Jujutsu Kaisen because everything that unfolded in the story was either in planning for the Shibuya Incident arc or as a consequence of it. And since “demise” is the word that excellently depicts the arc, we will delve into all of the deaths in this article!

In a conflict, it’s the blameless who forfeit their lives. Likewise, in the Shibuya Incident, numerous innocent civilians lost their lives amidst the conflict between the jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits. However, it wouldn’t be equitable to overlook the sorcerers, curse users, and cursed spirits who perished during the second-longest arc of Jujutsu Kaisen. That is why I have formulated this roster of the characters who perished during the Shibuya Incident Segment, outlining how they perished and what led to their demises.

Shibuya Incident Segment Deaths – Jujutsu Sorcerers:
Kokichi Muta (Mechamaru)

Kokichi Muta, more commonly known as Mechamaru, was the initial character to perish in the Shibuya Incident Segment. If he had managed to survive, the Shibuya Incident would’ve never occurred as he intended to relay the plans to the sorcerers. When Utahime exposed Mechamaru as the suspect, Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara weren’t certain if he would do such a thing but were proven wrong. Mechamaru entered into a binding vow with Pseudo-Geto and Mahito to get cured in exchange for information about Tokyo Jujutsu High School, hence the attack during the Kyoto Goodwill Event. After fulfilling the binding vow’s conditions, Mechamaru aimed to contact Satoru Gojo and inform him about the malevolent plans for October 31 but failed due to Pseudo-Geto’s curtain. Although Mechamaru attempted to annihilate the duo, he eventually succumbed to Mahito’s cursed technique.

Kento Nanami

Following a close call with death twice, Nanami finally perishes in the Shibuya Incident Segment. His demise has to be the most astounding in the arc. Nanami thrashed Haruta Shigemo to a pulp for stabbing Ijichi and slaying all the assistant managers. The Grade 1 sorcerer made certain Noabara and Akari awaited the rescue. Then Nanami joined Maki Zenin and Naobito Zenin to exorcise a thoroughly transformed Dagon. Inside Dagon’s domain, Nanami lost his left eye to the Death Swarm, one of Dagon’s cursed techniques. Even though Toji interfered and exorcised Dagon, Nanami and the others were burned to flames by an incensed Jogo subsequently. Later, we witness a exhausted Nanami with a burned upper half of the body and an exposed left eye socket on his way to save Megumi. Nanami ultimately encounters Mahito and perishes at his hands.

Nobara Kugisaki (Unconfirmed)

If not for Nanami, Nobara would have perished at the hands of Shigemo. Nanami instructed her to await the rescue and withdraw because the forthcoming fights needed the power of a Grade 1 sorcerer. But when Nobara learned that Shoko Ieiri was in Shibuya, she resolved to assist her fellow sorcerers on the battlefield. Soon, she encounters Mahito’s doppelganger, which was unknown to her until the end of their bout. Even though Nobara delivered a fatal blow to the doppelganger as well as Mahito’s original body, she soon fell into Mahito’s trap. Knowing that Nobara was cognizant of his doppelganger’s inability to use cursed techniques, Mahito cleverly swapped places with his doppelganger. Mahito used Idle transfiguration on Nobara and mortally wounded her. Later, Arata Nitta assured Yuji that Nobara’s chances of survival were more than zero. Much later, in Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 222, Shoko Ieiri informs Gojo that there’s someone still recuperating, which might be Nobara, considering her demise is yet to be confirmed verbally.

Naobito Zenin

The sole occasion we witness Naobito Zenin in action in the Shibuya Incident Segment is during his skirmish against Dagon. When Dagon evolved into his completely realized form, Naobito Zenin overpowered him initially. But after Dagon cast his domain expansion, things took a turn for the worse for the 26th head of the Zenin Clan alongside Maki and Nanami. The Special Grade 1 Sorcerer lost his right arm while battling Dagon inside the domain. Even though Toji barged in and exorcised Dagon, Naobito fell prey to Jogo’s flames, who was forlorn due to Dagon’s demise. Naobito Zenin perished soon after his rescue from Shibuya to the Zenin household. Note: Even though he perished two chapters after the Shibuya Incident Segment, the cause of death was his injuries during this segment, hence his inclusion in the list of the perished jujutsu sorcerers.

Death of Cursed Spirits:

Hanami and Jogo assail Gojo while Choso aids them by blending in with the crowd to restrict Gojo’s movements and cursed technique usage. Hanami utilizes domain amplification to make Gojo susceptible to their attacks. To take care of Hanami, Gojo used his brain instead of brawn. He ceased using his cursed technique, which assured Hanami that Gojo would only use his cursed energy for close combats. Assuming that was the case, Hanami deactivated his domain amplification and fell into Gojo’s trap. Gojo ripped out the two branches from Hanami’s eye sockets, rendering him unable to use domain amplification, and then exorcised Hanami with his cursed technique.


Even though Jogo helped Pseudo-Geto to seal Satoru Gojo, he lost Hanami in the process. He also witnessed Dagon getting exorcised. Jogo could not avenge Hanami, but in the case of Dagon, he ensured to do that and burned Maki, Nanami, and Naobito with his flames. Abruptly, after sensing a Sukuna’s finger, Jogo hastened towards the location and found an unconscious Yuji being fed Sukuna’s finger by the Hasaba sisters. Jogo included another ten fingers to the count, awakening Sukuna. Sukuna wakes up and makes a deal with Jogo. If Jogo managed to land a hit on Sukuna, the King of Curses would follow the cursed spirit’s wishes temporarily. Jogo confidently accepts the deals, gets toyed by Sukuna, and then joins Hanami and Dagon on the other side.


Mahito initiated the death roster in the Shibuya Incident Segment, commencing from Mechamaru to slaying numerous civilians in Shibuya, killing Nanami, then taking Aoi Todo’s left arm, to almost killing Nobara. Mahito was this close to slaying Yuji Itadori during the final chapters of the segment, but thanks to Aoi, Yuji came to his senses and had Mahito fleeing for his life. Yuji was about to deliver the final blow, but Pseudo-Geto intervened and absorbed Mahito, marking the end of Patchface.


Dagon devoured numerous civilians as a cursed womb. After getting struck by Naobito’s attack, Dagon vomited up all the skeletons. After taking the hit, Dagon evolved into his complete form. After getting pushed back by Naobito, Maki, and Nanami, Dagon casts domain expansion and is successful in delivering fatal blows. Nanami lost his left eye, and Naobito lost his right arm. Unfortunately, Megumi breaches his domain and opens a hole to escape with all the others. Before they could escape, Toji Fushiguro unexpectedly entered the domain through the hole and exorcised Dagon before he could even realize anything.

Grasshopper Curse

Yuji encounters the Grasshopper Curse at B2F, safeguarding the curtain cast by Mahito. Initially, it appeared that this was a potent cursed spirit as it was capable of intelligent speech, but Yuji is no longer the weakling he was in the initial episodes. Even though the Grasshopper Curse fought against Yuji and employed several strategies, Yuji demonstrated his growth as he was always a step ahead of every move it made and began outmatching the cursed spirit. After being outmaneuvered by Yuji, the curse attempted a sneak attack but failed miserably and got exorcised.

Smallpox Deity

During Pseudo-Geto and Mei Mei’s initial clash, the former summons a special-grade disease-cursed spirit – Smallpox Deity, to slay Mei Mei and her younger brother Ui Ui. Smallpox Deity casts Domain Expansion to trap Mei Mei and Ui Ui. The siblings take some time to observe the cursed spirit’s technique. Until now, Mei Mei was taking blows from the Deity. But after deciphering the Deity’s cursed technique, Mei Mei asks Ui Ui to take the hits. Then she goes on the offensive to finally exorcise the deity using Bird Strike, an extension of her Black Bird Manipulation technique.

Death of Curse Users:
Mimiko & Nanako Hasaba

The Hasaba sisters, Mimiko and Nanako, assisted Pseudo-Geto to slay the civilians as he promised to leave Geto’s body. But the mastermind isn’t a fool to do that voluntarily. Pseudo-Geto tricked them into not making a binding vow and didn’t keep the promise as expected. To take revenge, Mimiko and Nanako feed one finger of Sukuna to an unconscious Yuji. Additionally, after being fed another ten by Jogo, Sukuna wakes up and asks the sisters if they want anything as a token of appreciation for the one finger. They asked Sukuna to slay Pseudo-Geto, and on completion, they would also tell him the location of another finger.

Being an egoist, Sukuna got offended by their condescending tone and killed both sisters.

Granny Ogami

During the Shibuya Incident Segment, Ogami, her grandchild, and Jiro Awasaka cast the curtain that prohibited the sorcerers from entering. To break that, Yuji teamed up with Megumi and Ino. While Yuji and Megumi took on Awasaka, Ino decided to fight Granny Ogami and her grandchild. Ino attacked, and her grandchild kept taking the blow without any counterattack. In the meantime, Ogami commenced a ritual and summoned Toji Fushiguro into her grandchild’s body using the seance technique. Although they successfully defeated Ino, Toji took control of her grandchild’s body by overshadowing the soul and killed Granny Ogami.

Toji Fushiguro / Ogami’s Grandchild

Ogami summoned Toji into her grandchild’s body using the seance technique that only uses the body information instead of the soul information to prevent mishaps. But what Ogami feared the most happened. Toji took over her grandchild’s body by crushing its soul and killing her. Ogami’s seance technique was supposed to end when the summoner’s (her grandchild’s) body ran out of cursed energy, which also depended on the cursed energy of the one summoned, i.e., Toji Zenin (Fushiguro). But neither of them had cursed energy to begin with, so the end never came, resulting in Toji running wild and taking down the strongest ones, whom he chose by sheer instinct.

After exorcising Dagon, Toji instinctively chose Megumi as the strongest and engaged in a duel, more like a death match. However, a sudden flashback occurred. In that flashback, Toji reminisces about when he sold his son Megumi to Naobito Zenin. Toji came back to his senses. Before stabbing himself in the head, Toji asked Megumi about his name and was glad to know his son wasn’t a Zenin. His death ended Ogami’s seance technique.

Haruta Shigemo

In Shibuya Incident Segment, Haruta Shigemo opened his account of cowardice by stabbing Ijichi, an assistant manager, and later killing all other assistant managers in the area. For that, Nanami beats him to a pulp, but someone like Shigemo hardly learns the lesson. Shigemo continued his stabbing spree by ambushing Megumi, who summoned Mahoraga and included Shigemo in the exorcism ritual. Sukuna interfered and saved Shigemo initially for Megumi’s sake, but after defeating Mahoraga, Sukuna slices Shigemo into two pieces—a pathetic death for a pathetic loser.

Niji Ebina

At the beginning of the Shibuya Incident Segment, when Mechamaru contacted Yuji about Gojo’s sealing, he also told Yuji, Mei Mei, and Ui Ui about the curse users who were on the way to kill them. However, the overconfident Niji understood Mei Mei was way out of his legs. He surrendered and begged for his life, but alas, it was a bit too late. Mei Mei killed him on the spot. Conclusion

Excluding Nobara Kugisaki – whose demise is yet to be confirmed – there’s a total of 16 characters who perished in the Shibuya Incident Segment. Death came to all, be it good or evil. Death isn’t fair for all, but it comes nonetheless! Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident Segment is one of a kind. Not only is it one of the finest story arcs in JJK, but I would go so far as to say that it is one of the best in the world of anime and manga! It reminds us of the beautiful and the ugly side of death. With that, I conclude this article featuring all the Shibuya Incident segment deaths. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please use the comment
section. And if you liked the article, share it with your friends, particularly those curious to know who dies in the Shibuya Incident segment!

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