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Magic Knights Ranking System in Black Clover and Character Ranks

The Fellowship of the Enchanted Knight is a group of chosen sorcerers that safeguards the Clover Kingdom from a variety of dangers, such as local offenses and invasions from other nations.

Everyone is welcome to enlist in the association. However, they would first need to pass the magical knights entry exam, which involves several evaluations to assess each candidate’s physical and magical abilities.

Contestants who pass the exam are enlisted by a leader into one of the Magic Knights’ teams and designated the rank 5th Class Junior Magic Knight.

To progress and reach the top, they must accomplish countless missions, receive lots of stars, and achieve many remarkable feats.

Magic Knights Ranking System Explained

Members of the Magic Knights are categorized into five ranks, each of which (except for the Grand Magic Knight, and the Wizard King) is further broken down into five classes.

A class is comparable to a rank within a rank, with the highest class being the first and the lowest being the fifth.

Magic knights must initially advance from fifth to first class in each separate rank before progressing up a rank.

To do this, they must collect/attain enough stars and merit by completing countless missions and achieving many remarkable feats before the annual war merits bestowal ceremony, an occasion where they will be officially promoted.

Magic Knights Ranks in Order

Black Clover - Magic Knight Rank in OrderBlack Clover - Magic Knight Rank in Order

Here is a list of the ranks from lowest to highest.

5. Junior Magic Knight (Subdivided into 5 classes)

4. Intermediate Magic Knight (Subdivided into 5 classes)

3. Senior Magic Knight (Subdivided into 5 classes)

2. Grand Magic Knight

1. Wizard King/Magic Emperor

5, 4 and 3. Junior, Intermediate, Senior Magic Knight

The Junior Magic Knight is the lowest rank in the magic knight assigned to entry-level mages.

They always start their journey as a 5th-class junior magic knight, and as they begin to earn stars, they gradually work their way up each class and rank.

Little is known about the other ranks in the magic knights. Even the promotion does not follow a set pattern.

All we know is that magic knights start as 5th Class Junior and work their way up to become a Grand Magic Knight, who eventually qualifies to become the Wizard King.

2. Grand Magic Knight

The Grand Magic Knight rank, unlike other lower ranks, isn’t further subdivided into classes.

While little is known about this rank, fans speculate that since it comes right before the wizard king’s rank, its members are powerful enough to surpass the wizard king.

And Based on the hierarchy, only the leaders of the magic knight teams have the strength to achieve the feat.

So, it’s safe to say that Grand Magic Knights are assigned to Captains of the Magic Knight Squad.

1. Wizard King/Magic Emperor

The Magic Emperor/Wizard King is the highest rank in the organization and the ruler of the Clover Kingdom.

The Wizard King is in charge of maintaining the peace and guarding the town and its inhabitants from lethal dangers. He is regarded to be the strongest mage in the kingdom.

To effectively govern the nation, the wizard king must possess outstanding leadership qualities and diplomatic acumen.

Becoming a wizard king is a dream come true for many young mages in the kingdom. This is what has continued to motivate our main characters, Asta and Yuno.

To become the wizard king, a magic knight must have attained the rank of the grand magic knight, be incredibly powerful, possess leadership skills, and be respected by everyone in the kingdom.

What is Asta Rank (Spoiler)?

Black Clover - Asta new unlocked demon powersBlack Clover - Asta new unlocked demon powers

Asta has risen to the rank of 1st Class Senior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom in just three years of joining the order of the magic knight.

He was promoted during a special merit awarding ceremony after the events involving the Dark Triad and the Spade Kingdom.

Everyone, including the leaders, believed he should have been ranked higher to the rank of a Grand Magic Knight for his display of strength against Lucifero. It’s possible that his ranking was affected by the circumstances surrounding the Devil Trial.

What is Yuno Rank (Spoiler)?

Black Clover - Yuno Spirit Dive TechniqueBlack Clover - Yuno Spirit Dive Technique

Yuno is the Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn Squad and has advanced to the rank of Grand Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom.

He was able to achieve this feat in just three years of joining the order of the magic knight, becoming the youngest magic knight to attain the grand magic knight. This achievement was formerly held by Rill Boismortier, Azure Deer Squad Captain.

Who Becomes the Wizard King After Julius Novachrono?

We are yet to know who will succeed Julius Novachrono and take over as the 29th wizard king. 

Yuno and Asta are potential contenders but are not likely to take on the title of 30th Wizard King as their powers and mental capacity to rule a kingdom have not yet reached their full potential.

Most fans believe Fuegoleon Vermillion is the perfect fit. Not only is it his ambition to succeed the wizard king, but he is also the most qualified candidate.

Fuegoleon is the captain of the crimson lion squad with a charismatic personality that translates his leadership skills.

He is an excellent tactician, fast to take hold of a situation and deploy orders appropriately while maintaining composure.

Not to mention, he is extremely powerful and has a strong resolve to never give up.

Who Becomes Wizard King: Asta Or Yuno?

Black Clover - Asta and YunoBlack Clover - Asta and Yuno

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