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Ranked: The Quirks of One For All possessed by Deku in My Hero Academia

Midoriya Izuku, also called Deku, needs no introduction as the heir of the top pro hero, All Might. However, before attaining the title, he was simply a quirkless crybaby with a big dream of becoming a hero.

Luckily, his wish came true when All Might passed on the “One For All” quirk to him. This quirk is recognized for its unique ability to stockpile power and boost the physical strength and speed of its user.

Deku holds a total of seven different quirks, which were inherited from the previous users of One For All. These quirks have been passed down through generations from the very first user, Yoichi Shigaraki, to the current (ninth) user, Midoriya Izuku.

With the accumulation of these quirks, Deku has become an even more formidable hero, capable of facing the most powerful villains.

Below are Deku’s One For All Quirks ranked from least to best.

7. Smokescreen Is Simply Ninja Smoke Bomb 2.0

One for All Smokescreen quirkOne for All Smokescreen quirk

At the bottom of our ranking, yet still vital, is the quirk, Smokescreen. Once wielded by the sixth user of One For All, En, it now aids Midoriya Izuku in his quest to uphold justice.

While its capabilities aren’t deadly or exceedingly powerful, its utility lies in its subtlety and tactical advantage. It essentially transforms Deku into a living smoke bomb, shrouding his surroundings in thick, opaque smoke, which can be incredibly useful in creating diversions, executing surprise attacks, or facilitating swift escapes.

However, the utility of this quirk comes with a caveat – overuse can obscure the user’s own vision, diminishing its effectiveness. Yet, when paired with a powerful offensive quirk, Smokescreen’s strategic potential truly shines.

6. Danger Sense, More Like Spidey-Sense on Steroids

One For All Danger Sense QuirkOne For All Danger Sense Quirk

The sixth spot is occupied by Danger Sense, a quirky, intuitive alert system that increases the survival and combat potential of One For All. Originally possessed by Hikage Shinomori, this quirk alerts the user to imminent threats through sharp, neurological impulses.

Danger Sense offers a heightened level of awareness, even enabling the user to anticipate an enemy’s next move.

However, its predictive capabilities are not without limitations. It may falter against exceedingly quick attacks and only triggers in response to malevolent intentions. This means an enemy with well-masked ill intentions could slip past undetected.

Despite these limitations, Danger Sense remains a crucial defensive tool in Deku’s quirk collection.

5. Float – Levitation Made Easy

Deku Using Float QuirkDeku Using Float Quirk

Ranking fifth, Float is a simple yet highly effective quirk that gives the power of flight. Once owned by Nana Shimura, All Might’s mentor, and the seventh user of One For All, this quirk grants Deku the ability to levitate and control his aerial movements.

This newfound agility quickly proved invaluable, offering a significant upgrade from his ground-based Shoot Style technique. By infusing Float with One For All, Deku can reach extraordinary speeds in the air, making it an extremely potent weapon during battles.

Moreover, Float also enables Deku to rescue his friends from precarious situations, such as evading Shigaraki Tomura’s Decay Quirk.

Despite its straightforward nature, Float drastically amplifies Deku’s combat capabilities and versatility.

4. Black Whip Is the Most Versatile Quirk in Deku’s Arsenal

Deku Using Black Whip Under ControlDeku Using Black Whip Under Control

Occupying the fourth spot, we have Black Whip – the first additional quirk that Deku unlocked in his One For All journey.

Initially possessed by Daigoro Banjo, this quirk enables the generation of energy tendrils that can be manipulated freely. This opens a world of possibilities, both offensively and defensively. Offensively, it can grasp and hurl objects, ensnare enemies, and prevent their escape.

Defensively, it acts as an extension of Deku’s mobility, enabling him to swing around objects much like Spider-Man.

The dynamic nature of Black Whip makes it a truly integral part of Deku’s arsenal.

3. The Unnamed Stockpiling Quirk is The Genesis

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