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Overlord Season 5’s Release Date & All the Information We Have Now!

Do you want to find out if there will be an Overlord season 5 or not? If so, this article is for you as we’ll be exploring whether there’s a fifth season of Overlord anime or not!

The Overlord anime is an outstanding series, and its prior season left fans wanting more. Now, that’s not a negative thing at all, as the series is exceptional, so fans want to see more of it. Another season or movie continuation would be a great option for Overlord, but has anything been confirmed yet?

The fourth season wrapped up back in late 2022, which ignited this desire for more in the fan base. Their passion is intense, creating social media hashtags and a pleasant discussion around the possibility of another season of Overlord anime. The fans want to see their favorite overpowered protagonist, Ainz Ooal Gown, return to their screens, and I can understand why they’d feel that way!

Well, because everyone desires it, let’s talk about everything we know about Overlord Season 5, if it’s been confirmed, what’s going on behind the scenes, and what we can anticipate from another outing in this fan-favorite series!

overlord season 5 release dateoverlord season 5 release date

Will there be a Season 5 of Overlord Anime?

At the time of writing this, it doesn’t look like another season of Overlord is on the horizon just yet, as nothing has been confirmed.

There is no news regarding another season of the anime series being in production. We don’t even know if a studio has signed on to work on the series or if the pre-production work has begun. It’s unfortunate, really, as fans expected another season to continue the story.

But there’s nothing to worry about, as we know that Overlord season 5 is not canceled, and there is a pretty big possibility that it will return with a season renewal soon!

Why do I say that? Well, there’s a movie sequel in the works, which will be released soon!

We might not be getting another season at the moment, but a film continuation of Overlord has been announced, and it is in production!

This film should cover The Holy Kingdom arc of the light novels, covering volumes 12 and 13! It might not be a direct continuation of the fourth season, but it’s something, at least!

And since the movie is yet to be released, we have no confirmation about the fifth season of Overlord. Only when the movie is out will we get some new information about whether there will be an Overlord season 5 or not. But I am pretty sure that the series will get renewed soon!

will there be an overlord season 5will there be an overlord season 5

Overlord Season 5 Release Date Expectations

The film, titled “Overlord Movie 3: Sei Oukoku-hen,” has been set for a 2023 release date, but it’s already September, and nothing has been shown off just yet.

This 2023 release date wasn’t set in stone, but it’s still strange we haven’t seen anything this late into the year. Another sad thing is that even if this film is released in 2023, it won’t be until 2024 that people outside of Japan can watch it.

This is because Crunchyroll usually takes a while to release anime films on their online platform, especially since Overlord isn’t as popular as other series like One Piece and Demon Slayer. Both One Piece and Demon Slayer had movies released outside of Japan as major theatrical releases, but that’s because they are super popular.

Overlord has a massive fan base but is unfortunately nothing compared to One Piece or Demon Slayer. Hopefully, this new Overlord movie will get released outside of Japan and in English so fans can experience the next stage of this fantastic series!

Because this movie is the next installment of the Overlord anime series, season 5 most likely won’t be released until 2025 at the earliest! It’s a shame, but fans will have this movie to watch and talk about in the meantime!

is overlord season 5 canceled or renewedis overlord season 5 canceled or renewed

Overlord Anime Plot, Recap, and Season 5 Expectations

The announcement of this Overlord movie and what story it will cover leaves season 5 in quite a predictable situation. Because the film will adapt a section of the light novels, specifically the light novel volumes 12 and 13, a possible season 5 will continue the story from there!

Before we discuss what one can expect from the plot of Overlord season 5, here is a short recap of the previous season of the anime!

Overlord is an anime series that follows the narrative of Suzuki Satoru, a gamer who finds himself trapped within the virtual reality MMORPG world of Yggdrasil after the game’s servers shut down. Satoru assumes the persona of his in-game character, Momonga, an immensely powerful undead overlord, and sets out to understand this new reality.

Season 1 sees Momonga discover that the NPCs in Yggdrasil have gained sentience and personalities. He takes on the name Ainz Ooal Gown and becomes the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, aiming to unravel the mysteries of this world while expanding his influence.

The second season sees Ainz establishing connections with neighboring kingdoms and encountering other powerful beings, such as Shalltear Bloodfallen, a vampire and a former ally now under a mysterious spell. Ainz must confront Shalltear to save her and assert his dominance.

The third season delves into Ainz’s ambitions of establishing the Sorcerer Kingdom, a nation led by the supreme beings of Nazarick. He encounters other formidable players who are also trapped in this game world, leading to intricate political and strategic maneuvering.

In Season 4, Ainz’s influence grows as the Sorcerer Kingdom gains strength. He aims to gather information about a world-level threat, which turns out to be an ancient dragon lord. Ainz confronts this dragon and secures its loyalty, expanding his collection of powerful allies.

Next up will be the plot that season 5 will likely feature, so a “spoiler warning” is in effect. If you don’t want to know what will happen in the story in the future, you should skip the next few paragraphs!

when does overlord season 5 come outwhen does overlord season 5 come out

Overlord Season 5 should see the continuation of the series, meaning the Half-Elf God-Kin Arc will be adapted. Ainz Ooal Gown will visit the elf country in his series-long goal, which will start this brand new arc. One of the most powerful nations in the Overlord universe is the Slain Theocracy, and in season 5, they will attempt to assault the Elf Country.

There will be war, secret plans, and battles to be won, but who will come out on top? Who will win? We must wait and find out whenever the fifth season of Overlord anime finally comes out!

Overlord Season 5 Cast and Crew Details

Though another season of Overlord hasn’t been confirmed and most likely won’t be coming out for a good few years, we have a good idea of what studio will be working on it.

Studio Madhouse worked on the previous seasons of Overlord, so we can assume that they will be responsible for the fifth season as well.

So, though there isn’t any official word on who will be adapting the next story arc of Overlord, we can assume that Studio Madhouse will be at the helm. Plus, they are a fantastic studio with some amazing artists, so the next season will look great!

Madhouse is known for other series such as Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and One-Punch Man, so they have a lot of fantastic series under their belt. Hopefully, Overlord Season 5 will be announced when the movie releases, so at least fans have a window to expect the series!

overlord season 5 trailer, plot, cast & crewoverlord season 5 trailer, plot, cast & crew


Although Overlord season 5 hasn’t been confirmed yet, a movie is being released sometime in 2023 or early 2024, now that you look at it.

With this, hope for season 5 has only gotten stronger, as it should be announced during the film’s credits or around the same time. Not only is the movie adding more content to the anime adaptation, but a possible season 5 will carry on the phenomenal storyline into one of Overlord’s best arcs!

This is all looking great for the Overlord series and its dedicated fan base. Hopefully, the movie gets a release date soon, so fans won’t have to wait much! Season 5 of Overlord will be amazing if the light novels are anything to go by, and hopefully, Studio Madhouse will do a phenomenal job at adapting it!

With the upcoming movie hopefully hitting theaters soon, the wait for more Overlord content is almost over! Let’s hope all goes as planned and we get some official announcements regarding Overlord season 5!

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