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Explanation of End Credits Scene in Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Connected to Anime and Manga?

JJK movie 0 recently debuted globally and we can all acknowledge that it is unquestionably one of the finest, if not the premier shonen movie of 2022.

This movie is overflowing with a compelling story, breathtaking fight scenes, incredible animation, and, lastly, a cliffhanger end-credit scene that has sparked much debate among fans.

This article will present a complete breakdown of the end-credit scene, its implications, and its connection to the anime and manga. (Spoiler alert!)

What Occurs in The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 End Credits Scene?

Jujutsu kaisen 0 movie end credit scene - Yuta dining with former enemy, Miguel in Kenya, AfricaJujutsu kaisen 0 movie end credit scene - Yuta dining with former enemy, Miguel in Kenya, Africa

Post-credit, Yuta (the movie protagonist) is having a meal with a former adversary, Miguel, in Kenya, Africa. They are instantly disrupted by Gojo, and prior to initiating a discussion, the end-credit scene concludes.

While this brief scene might appear ambiguous to an average anime audience, manga fans do not feel the same as it holds a profound link to the ongoing manga timeline.

As an ordinary anime audience, one can’t help but wonder why Yuta is enjoying a pleasant time with Miguel, a former foe.

Miguel was previously an antagonist who supported Geto’s plan to organize the night parade of a hundred demons.

He was well-known for being capable of standing his ground against the mighty Satoru Gojo, something that not everyone can do.

However, after their battle, Gojo, in some way, prevailed upon Miguel to accept Yuta as his apprentice to aid in honing his boundless potential and emerging as a more formidable sorcerer.

Ever since, Yuta has been training with Miguel in Kenya and was not able to appear in the first season of the series.

Nevertheless, he is repeatedly mentioned throughout the first season, signifying that he is a prominent figure in the forthcoming seasons.

Yuta is initially mentioned in episode 5, where Megumi discloses to Nobara that Yuta is presently studying abroad and will not attend the Goodwill Event.

Later, in episode 6, Gojo also references Yuta, asserting that he has the potential to surpass him someday.

Yuta receives a few additional casual references by Panda, Mechamaru, Todo, and other characters throughout the series.

What Timeline in The Manga Does the Movie End Credits Scene Fit into?

jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 145 - Yuta flashback to Africa in search of the black ropejujutsu kaisen manga chapter 145 - Yuta flashback to Africa in search of the black rope

The movie’s end credit scene corresponds to chapter 145 of the manga, wherein Gojo is entrapped in a prison realm, and Yuta has returned to Japan.

In this scene, Yuta, alongside Megumi, Yuji, Maki, and Choso contacts master Tengen for assistance in freeing Gojo from the prison realm.

This is when Tengen mentions specific cursed artifacts that have the ability to unlock the prison realm; the black rope, and the Inverted Spear of Heaven.

Yuta then adds that he had scoured Africa with Miguel in search of the elusive black rope, but to no avail.

Unable to access the cursed artifacts, the team resorts to an alternative strategy to liberate Gojo.

What Timeline in The Anime Series Does the Movie End-Credit Scene Fit into?

Jujutsu kaisen episode 14 - Gojo back from a business trip overseasJujutsu kaisen episode 14 - Gojo back from a business trip overseas

The end-credit scene occurs in episode 14 of the anime series. Gojo mentioned having taken a brief business trip abroad and brought back souvenirs that turned out to be a protective charm from a specific tribe. 

We assume that Gojo’s short trip was to Africa (as shown in the end-credit scene) and the protective charm was from Miguel’s tribe, renowned for crafting cursed objects.

This reference provides a suitable means to introduce Yuta’s official entrance in the anime series.

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When Would Yuta Officially Debut in The Anime Series?

According to the official key visual release, if the anime adheres to the manga faithfully, Yuta Okkotsu will probably make his inaugural anime appearance in the third season of the series.

In September 2022, Jujutsu Kaisen unveiled a teaser visual depicting the arcs that will be featured in the second season.

These include Gojo’s past arc and Shibuya Incident Arc, widely acclaimed as the finest arcs in the entire narrative.

Admirers should be aware that Yuta did not emerge in the manga until the Itadori Extermination Arc.

Considering this and the omission of the Itadori Extermination Arc in the second season, we can assert that Yuta won’t make his series debut until the third season.

Irrespective of when Yuta makes his anime debut, we can anticipate enjoying the second season.

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