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How does Mirio regain his quirk in My Hero Academia?

Mirio Togata, also known as Lemilion, is among the most brilliant and powerful personalities in My Hero Academia.

He is not just a student at U.A. High School but also a member of the institution’s esteemed “Big 3” – a group composed of the most exceptional students at the academy.

Among these elite students, Mirio stands out for his extraordinary fighting abilities and incredible quirk, “Permeation”.

This power enables him to phase through solid objects, rendering him almost invulnerable to attacks.

His remarkable talents caught the attention of the legendary hero Sir Nighteye, who recognized in him the potential to become the next Symbol of Peace and the greatest successor to All Might. 

Despite his exceptional capabilities, Mirio faced a devastating setback when he lost his quirk during a battle with the villainous Overhaul, rendering him unable to fight and putting his dreams of becoming a great hero on hold.

After being out of commission for months, Mirio surprisingly resurfaced with his quirk intact in the Paranormal Liberation War arc, fighting alongside other heroes against the villainous Shigaraki Tomura. 

This sudden reappearance has left fans curious about how Mirio regained his quirk. 

Some wondered if Overhaul’s quirk deletion bullet effect wore off after a certain period. But that isn’t the case!

How Did Mirio Retrieve His Quirk? 

Mirio Togata regained his quirk with the assistance of a young girl named Eri, who used her “Rewind” quirk to restore his powers. Her Quirk was able to undo the effect of the quirk deletion bullet and rewind Mirio’s body back to the point before he lost his quirk.

Mirio lost his quirk while protecting Eri from the villain Overhaul. Ever since then, she made it her mission to help him recover his powers. 

Despite having little control over her abilities at first, Eri trained with heroes at U.A High to master her quirk and was able to successfully rewind Mirio’s body to a point before he lost his Quirk, allowing him to become a hero once again.

In Which Episode Does Mirio Regain His Quirk?

Mirio regained his quirk in Episode 125 of the anime and chapter 293 of the manga. 

He made a grand entrance at a crucial moment to assist the struggling heroes in their fight against Shigaraki Tomura, Gigantomachia, the Near high-end Nomus, and the rest of the villain league. 

Mirio’s last-minute comeback could not have happened at a better time as things were looking pretty bad for the heroes. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t shown up.

How Did Mirio Lose His Quirk?

Mirio Saves Eri From OverhaulMirio Saves Eri From Overhaul

Mirio lost his quirk during a battle against Overhaul, the Yakuza leader of the Shie Hassaika. 

He selflessly put himself in harm’s way to protect a young girl named Eri and was struck by a quirk-erasing bullet, which resulted in him losing his quirk permanently. 

Despite being fully aware of the consequences, Mirio deliberately took the hit to shield Eri, a stranger, showcasing one of the most heroic moments in the series.

Fortunately, Eri played a pivotal role in getting Mirio’s quirk back in later episodes using her own quirk, “Rewind”. 

This event established Eri’s power as a major player in the series going forward, as she further develops her ability to master it. 

Given that she was able to reverse Mirio’s permanent quirk loss, there is a possibility that she may be capable of achieving much more after mastering it.

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